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sonic activities of i: wound and ambermusic for the tattooed frog

i:wound - "the libyan tapes / to loop a loop“

Release date: 2001
Format: CD-R
Label: ambermusic for the tattooed frog
Price: sold out!

abstract flixx of libyan sand and (guess what?) loops packaged in libyan cloth


  1. the libyan tapes i – vii: based on recordings from libya & mastered at the noise factory 95
  2. to destroy china: uses a sample from raksha mancham
  3. to pray towards the east
  4. to wound x-mas: based on recordings from the christmas liturgy, armenian rite
  5. to dream the path: based on samples from traumpfad - a travelogue in three acts

the_libyan_tapes_vii.mp3 3.92 MB
to_dream_the_path_80kbs.mp3 2.10 MB

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