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sonic activities of i: wound and ambermusic for the tattooed frog

full tracks from the records, excerpts and unreleased stuff. all tracks are 128 kbs unless otherwise stated.

prima_res.mp3 10.15 MB

eighty percent of nothing
fait_de_la_musique_révolutionnaire_tunisiènne.mp3 13.72 MB

punish the guilty
excerpt1.mp3 5.28 MB
excerpt2.mp3 4.66 MB

ram nam satya hai
city_of_shiva.mp3 20.42 MB


unreleased track live in bremen 11-11-00
riotambient.mp3 46.69 MB
intended for a cd release for years now and still no release date in sight, i finally decided to make this complete concert available for download. one of the most capturing live moments of i: wound, i believe.

the lybian tapes
the_libyan_tapes_vii.mp3 3.92 MB
to_dream_the_path_80kbs.mp3 2.10 MB

the patricide ep
the_tongue_stuck_in_my_jaw.mp3 5.07 MB

the siamese box
the_hidden_face_of_the_buddha.mp3 10.61 MB

the_consequences_of_trying_to_raise_heaven_80kbs.mp3 1.19 MB
leichenwasser_80kbs.mp3 2.03 MB
everything_that_exists_is_transitory_and_perishable.mp3 5.46 MB

kamathipura_lanes.mp3 9.47 MB

origami vs. manipura auropa mon amour
origami_vs_manipura_-_flux.mp3 6.29 MB

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