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sonic activities of i: wound and ambermusic for the tattooed frog

i:wound - "traumpfad - a travelogue in three acts“

Release date: 1993
Format: LP, flac/mp3
Label: ambermusic for the tattooed frog
Price: LP 14 €, flac/mp3 7 €




  • pränatal*
  • act i: 'an indian death's sounds'
    dead slow (delhi) - the sexless god (faridabad) - our sleeping mother yamuna (matura) - AQUA: VITA MORTIS (matura) - IGNIS: MORS VITAE (varanasi) - leichenwasser (varanasi) - namaste/bang lassi (varanasi)
  • act ii: 'everything that exists is transitory and perishable'
    everything that exists is transitory and perishable (everywhere) - drowned in himal* (way to ktm) incl.: 'the blue heart' (bamboo lodge) - zauberwald IMMORTALIUM (gumnachowk) - über eine neue form der schönheit (syabru)
  • act iii: 'ritibetual'
    the consequences of trying to raise heaven (khasa bazar) - sangyip (mc leod ganj) - s. s. parle (mc leod ganj) - truth shall prevail (mc leod ganj)
  • postmortem*

* on the CD-R version only

recorded march through august 1993 e. v.

flute in 'IMMORTALIUM' franziska - recordings for 'the sexless god' in faridabad, april 1992 e. v. - recordings for 'truth shall prevail' in mc leod ganj, june 1992 e. v. - 'namaste' is based on a bang-lassi experience, a psychedelic drug legally sold in some holy indian cities; varanasi april 1992 e. v.

with 12 page full colour booklet

the_consequences_of_trying_to_raise_heaven_80kbs.mp3 1.19 MB
leichenwasser_80kbs.mp3 2.03 MB
everything_that_exists_is_transitory_and_perishable.mp3 5.46 MB

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