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sonic activities of i: wound and ambermusic for the tattooed frog

i:wound - "in statu nascendi“

Release date: 1996
Format: picture 7"
Label: ambermusic for the tattooed frog
Price: sold out!

a moment frozen in time - static. visual: a picture, acoustic: an endless loop

perception concentrating on the phenomena the most outstanding - still regarding the complex as a whole - then focussing its attention on the more subtle details, visually as well as acoustically

originally intended as a box with four endless tapes, then as a picture - EP with endless loops

now as a picture - EP with fractal loops as soundtracks for pictures

  • i formal: synthetic loop sequence, tibetan crashes
    time: past
    colour: orange
    abstract: output
  • ii formal: feedbacks delayed at various speed
    time: presence
    colour: multicoloured
    abstract: input
  • iii formal: cd loop, libyan tapes
    time: future
    colour: black
    concrete: technology
    abstract: death
  • iv formal: samples vs. the immortalist
    time: always
    colour: white
    concrete: nature
    abstract: rebirth

the picture for "in statu nascendi i / ii" was drawn by sven franke
the picture for "in statu nascendi iii / iv" was drawn by mark wiedemann
love and respect to both of them

all sounds / effects / manipulations by sascha karminski
recorded between january and june 1994 e.v.
the libyan tapes recorded august 1995 e.v.
mixed at NOISE FACTORY 29th august 1995 e.v.


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