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sonic activities of i: wound and ambermusic for the tattooed frog

i:wound - "worminside“

Release date: 2001
Format: CDR sold out, flac/mp3 download
Label: ambermusic for the tattooed frog
Price: 7 €

„a worm in the intestines of a stray dog is considered the lowest possible rebirth according to hindu belief“

indian soundscapes packaged in indian cloth


  1. mumbaislums: based on recordings from the slums of bombay, now renamed mumbai by the governing fascists & uses sounds from an unknown sound source
  2. kamathipura lanes: based on recordings from the red light district in bombay & uses drones provided by b9 live in oslo
  3. concentrated male energy buzzing like the flies around the corpse of a dead dog at the edge of the wasteland: based on recordings from the mahakaleshwar temple in ujjain enshrining a lingam (phallus) of light
  4. ardhnarishvara - an androgynous god/dess: uses samples from 'father, son & holy war'
  5. shivaratri: based on recordings from the shivaratri celebrations in mandi
  6. reprise: uses drones provided by b9 and inderst elia live in oslo

all other sounds recorded in india 98/99

mixed 00/01

kamathipura_lanes.mp3 9.47 MB

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