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sonic activities of i: wound and ambermusic for the tattooed frog

i:wound feat. DJ hiv + "triptych 1 - may all rapists be happy“

Release date: 2001
Format: CD-R
Label: prion music
Price: unavailable - try with the label


1. interAhamwe 2

2-3. czesci z warszawy

i pawiak - ii cmentarz zydowski - iii - iv - v umschlagplatz - vi pomnik - vii - viii jarmart - ix

4. 25-4-1974 00:30 josé afonso 'grandola vila morena' ... cutz

9. [for documentary reasons] interAhamwe 1994*


may they lose their inability to love
may they lose their fear of themselves
may they lose their ignorance
may they lose their inability to feel
may they be happy
and if they don’t want to
we’ll have to make them
(dead men don’t rape)

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