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25 years of "traumpfad"

An incredible 25 years ago, I travelled to India for the first time. This overwhelming experience resulted in the recording of “traumpfad – a travelogue in three acts” LP, the first of a series of India-related endeavours. To celebrate a quarter of a century of pagal sounds, we will re-release “traumpfad” in two different editions:

The handmade edition, strictly limited to 50 pieces, includes

-         -  the original “traumpfad” LP with a new cover made from recycled kraft cardboard 283 g/m³ (in the end, all existence is about re-cycling, isn’t it?) using the original photo, the original booklet and further artwork made from handmade Indian seals

-          - a digital download in various formats of “sepia sepoy”, the last of the Indian recordings so far, hailing from 2009.

 It is available for €14 plus postage* and intended to raise the funds for the “the indian trilogy” released later this year.

 “the indian trilogy”, limited to 200 pieces, includes

-         -  the “traumpfad” LP with a different, printed cover, the original photo as an insert (but not the booklet)

-          - the “ram nam satya hai” CD with the same new cover and

-          - a digital download in various formats of “worminside”, hailing from 2001.

While “traumpfad” reflects the first journey, “ram nam satya hai” surfaced from an overland journey to India, and “worminside” is the result of a 6 months practical training there. This will be available for €25 plus postage*.

 *Germany €6 - EU €9 - World €16

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